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    The work that was done on my house was amazing. Ben broke down every cost, was detailed and gave me numerous gutter options and let me decide what I wanted, while also explaining the possible problems I may have for not selecting certain things.” — Sean B.

    Need Gutter Installation in Charleston SC?

    Hire the Gutter Boyz!

    Our name says Gutter Boyz of SC but we are so much more! We’re a fully licensed general contractor specializing in custom gutters, gutter maintenance, drainage systems and more for both Residential and Commercial clients.

    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    You can rely on Gutter Boyz of SC. Our dependable team will build your beautiful gutter system to last. We have seamless gutters available in traditional (K style) or high end (half round). Gutter guards are available for both styles. We also offer a variety of rain chains, drainage systems and rain barrels.

    Why do you need gutters?

    • Gutters Keep Your Home Looking Good
    • Prevent Wood Decay and Rot
    • Prevent Leaking
    • Protects Your Landscape
    • Evenly Distributes Water
    • Prevents Erosion
    • Keeps Crawlspace Dry
    • Protects Your Foundation



    Seamless Aluminum Gutter - Most Commonly used

    Seamless gutters, today’s most popular type of professionally installed gutter, are fabricated from metal “coil” stock, using a special machine that’s brought to your home. Seamless gutters do not have potentially leaky seams along their lengths, which is their biggest selling point. Gutters of nearly any length can be made by with our machine right on location by our crew using a coated aluminum that will not rust. Building gutters on spot reduces the opportunities for clogs, leaks and extends the lifetime of the building’s gutter systems.

    An advantage to using aluminum is that it allows us to offer over 20 colors to choose from, even a color to match the patina copper look similar to real copper. We install hangers every two feet and use stainless steel screws—a must for living in the Lowcountry!

    Copper Gutters - For Added Aesthetics

    Most will agree that copper gutters are a beautiful, classic addition. When first installed the copper has a shiny bronze finish that oxides to a matte brown in a matter of months then blue-green over decades. This patina look requires no finish, will not rust and can last the lifetime of the home.

    Copper gutters are available in either Half round or K style to suit homeowner’s needs.



    Half Round

    Available in aluminum or copper options and compatible with our Armor Lock Guard.

    The Half Round is a semicircular trough with a curled lip that is a natural fit for traditional homes, it goes best with round downspouts that will drain water more efficiently than the rectangular ones.


    Available in 5,6,7 or even 8 inch!

    K-style gutters are able to handle more than twice the runoff of a half-round of the same width and are often the gutter of choice. Compatible with most gutter guard options available from Gutter Boyz of SC.


    Sentry High-Flow Panel Guards are an aluminum gutter guard designed to fit securely onto your gutter and handle the heaviest rain. Eco-Guard is an effective gutter cover protecting your gutter system from leaves, fine debris, needles and seeds. We will lay out all your gutter options in your FREE consultation.

    Guess the most common reason for home repairs….Water damage!

    The average rainfall in Charleston is 51 inches a year and the most common reason for home repairs stem from water damage! Installing a dependable gutter system can saves thousands of dollars over time and protect your biggest investment. Gutters prevent water ingress into the fabric of the building by channeling the rainwater away for the exterior of the home, its foundation and yard.

    Why hire us for gutter installation?

    At Gutter Boyz of SC, we believe in high quality craftmenship, top notch customer service and going above and beyond for our customers. When it comes to gutter installation in Charleston SC, we want to give you high quality gutter installation that will help your gutters last for decades to come.

    We don’t cut corners or skimp on quality. We give you the best possible gutter solution for your money.


    Charleston and Surrounding Tri-County from Myrtle Beach down to Hilton Head and as far inland as Columbia, SC including the following:
    • Kiawah
    • Seabrook
    • Johns Island
    • James Island
    • West Ashley
    • Summerville
    • Mt. Pleasant
    • Sullivans Island
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