Rain Chains vs Downspouts

Benefits of

Rain Chains

Versus Gutter Downspouts

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    Benefits of Rain Chains Versus

    Gutter Downspouts

    Although most homeowners have gutter downspouts installed on their homes, there might be a better alternative. A rain chain is an excellent way to divert rainwater away from your home, and they come with many advantages that you don’t get with a gutter downspout. Rain chains in Charleston, SC are not only more attractive, if installed correctly, they can work just as well as a downspout gutter system.

    What is a rain chain?

    Rain chains have been used in Japan for centuries and are just starting to become popular in the United States as an excellent alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. They come in a vast number of shapes and designs, but all seek to move rainwater away from the foundation of your home and deposit it where it is needed in your yard. They are called rain “chains” because some of them are actual chains, while other systems can use bells or cups that are much more whimsical and work in the same manner.

    Rain Chains versus downspouts

    The obvious advantage that a rain chain has over gutter downspouts is that they are highly attractive and less cumbersome looking than gutters. You can choose from a vast number of styles and materials, which will increase the curbside appeal of your home.

    They also can provide musical sounds that transform rainwater into a relaxing event. Rain chains can also be designed as an extension of your home with different structures to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your exterior.

    Other Advantages of Rain Chains

    Rain chains are also easy to install, which means that they are less costly and require less installation time. They are typically hung beneath the gutter system, so there isn’t a huge cost to having them installed, unlike downspouts, which can be difficult to install and very time-consuming.


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    It is All About

    the Installation

    One disadvantage that can come with using rain chains over gutter downspouts is if they aren’t installed properly, they can lead to excess water around the foundation of your home. Rain chains aren’t like downspouts that divert water away from your home; if they are designed well, they can be used to flow water around your yard to places where your landscaping can absorb excess water.

    Also, rain chains tend not to be able to hold up to heavy or excessive rain. So due to the weather conditions in Charleston, it is imperative that you have a professional install them properly to keep the integrity of your foundation sound.

    If you are considering rain chains versus traditional gutter downspouts, they are much more aesthetically pleasing. And they can also make listening to the sound of the rainwater hitting and draining from your roof much more whimsical.

    Are they right for your house? Contact Gutter Boyz SC to discuss the advantages that rain chains in Charleston, SC hold for the exterior of your home today.

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