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    The work that was done on my house was amazing. Ben broke down every cost, was detailed and gave me numerous gutter options and let me decide what I wanted, while also explaining the possible problems I may have for not selecting certain things.” — Sean B.

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    Most will agree that copper gutters are a beautiful, classic addition. When first installed the copper has a shiny bronze finish that oxides to a matte brown in a matter of months then blue-green over decades. This patina look requires no finish, will not rust and can last the lifetime of the home. Copper gutters are available in either Half round or K style to suit the homeowner's needs.

    Copper rain gutters are extremely durable, do not rust and are corrosion resistant.

    The use of copper as a roofing material can be traced back to 27BC in Rome where it was used on the Pantheon. Rather than rusting, copper's chemical makeup allows it to build a patina on its surface which protects the metal from the deterioration that most other metals experience. They can weather many extreme climates and seasons from subzero winters to blazing hot summers. They also will not weaken with constant exposure to the elements.

    Copper rain gutters can complement an existing copper roof or other exterior fixtures and can be a great way to help a home stand out in the neighborhood. Adding a stately appeal, this material choice not only increases the value of the home but can also be a great selling feature when it comes time to put the property on the market.

    Copper gutters require


    While they still need to be cleared of leaves and debris, they rarely sag, dent or need replacement. In addition to being highly resistant to corrosion, copper is also an algaecide and fungicide. This prevents moss and other growth from forming blockages in the system that must be cleaned regularly. In addition to being visually pleasing, the patina coating acts as a protectant.

    Unlike other gutter materials, copper is not susceptible to underside corrosion. Because of its sturdy construction and built-in protection system, it is easily the most trouble-free material to use for roofing, cladding, flashing, gutters, and down pipes.

    Copper is flexible, has a low thermal co-efficient of expansion and can be fitted without the need for expansion joints on continuous straight runs.

    Copper is eco-friendly because it is naturally produced and is one of the few metals that is fully sustainable.

    You can use it without worrying that it is damaging the environment and depleting precious resources. To date, only 12 percent of known copper reserves have been mined. It can be repeatedly recycled whereas other materials break down and weaken over time.

    Compared to other metals, its recycling value is much, much higher. It has nearly twice the recycled value of aluminum and almost four times the recycled value of stainless steel. New copper gutters are made from copper that is 70% to 100% recycled.

    It is eco-friendly and safe to use in almost any climate so copper gutters in Charleston SC are perfect.

    Guess the most common reason for home repairs….Water damage!

    The average rainfall in Charleston is 51 inches a year and the most common reason for home repairs stem from water damage! Installing a dependable gutter system can saves thousands of dollars over time and protect your biggest investment. Gutters prevent water ingress into the fabric of the building by channeling the rainwater away for the exterior of the home, its foundation and yard.

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    At Gutter Boyz of SC, we believe in high quality craftmenship, top notch customer service and going above and beyond for our customers. When it comes to gutter installation in Charleston SC, we want to give you high quality gutter installation that will help your gutters last for decades to come.

    We don’t cut corners or skimp on quality. We give you the best possible gutter solution for your money.


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