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As a contractor for 17 years in the Charleston area, I consistently saw galvanized nails and screws being used, but they would rust and not only look unsightly – they also didn’t work for very long. So when we started up Gutter Boyz, I was committed to finding a better way to do things, and I looked for stainless steel screws. What I found was that there was neither a market for stainless steel screws nor a supplier.

Other Companies Use Aluminum Screws

Everyone in the industry was complacently continuing to use aluminum screws, unconcerned about their appearance or durability. The “anodized aluminum” isn’t strong enough to do what it needs to, so they mix it with steel to add some durability. But that is where the problem begins: some screws that are manufactured with steel are not able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in our region, most rust very quickly.

Manufacturer Excuses

One manufacturer that I spoke with quickly dismissed my concerns by telling me that the rust was caused by our screw guns. They maintained that the bits we used were worn. And because our bits were worn, they were damaging the screws by knocking the paint from them, therefore causing them to rust. They explained that our guns were too powerful and our bits were not maintained properly, so we were to blame for their products rusting,

A Losing Proposition

Knowing what I did and witnessing what I saw for nearly two decades, if it came down to the fragility of paint, then that isn’t a viable way to make screws. Anyone who has ever been up on a 40-foot ladder, installing a downspout with the wind blowing, attempting to put a screw into a gutter, can honestly tell you that the last concern they have is whether the paint is scraped off of the screw.

We Decided Our Customers Deserve Better!

As a company, we decided that our customers deserved better than rusting screws that either won’t last long or just look bad. So as a standard, we switched to using only stainless steel screws, hot-dipped, that are hardy enough to stand up to salt and other weather conditions. Even if the paint does inadvertently get scraped off, it still will not rust. And for extra measure, all of our technicians carry a can of paint on each project to touch up the screws, but our screws don't rust period,

But in the End, an Inferior Product Equals an Inferior Installation

When it comes to manufacturing, painting screws might be a viable option for the northern region, but here on the Coast, there is simply too much corrosive salt in the air for anodized aluminum to be an option. I have seen other gutter company's screws rust in just six months after installation. Some of them can hold their own and not look too bad, while others are rusting beyond repair in a year.

Because of the way that they are made, some of the screws can remain rust-free for longer than others. But in the end, when you use an inferior product, that is what you get – an inferior look. When it comes to quality and reputation, we believe that it's worth it, top pay a little more up front,

Verification is a MUST

So my advice to you is when you get an estimate, ask the installer what type of screws they use, and then ask them to verify. Unfortunately, not all companies are on the up and up, and as an industry professional, I believe that you should know the facts, what the differences are, and what it means for you as the homeowner. We guarantee that we use only stainless steel, hot-dipped screws that are tested by resting in water for over 300 hours, and they will not rust. How many other companies out there will give you the same?

We Prove Our Promise to Excellence Alongside Our Warranty!

Yes, stainless steel costs a lot more, but when you see the images of what rusted screws look like, isn’t it worth it to pay 10% more to get a quality and lasting product the first time around? Before you hire anyone to install your gutters, ask them to show you the invoice for their stainless steel screws. If they can’t, we can. We always prove our purchase upon request, alongside our warranty. Our commitment to quality products is second only to our skills, expertise, and excellence. Contact us today for a quote!

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