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Rain chains are not that common, but the benefits they offer homeowners is immeasurable. They are not only unique and beautiful; they are highly functional and eco-friendly. Rain chains work by guiding rain water using a unique water feature that is fun to watch, soothing to listen to, and a whimsical alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. But are they right for you?

The History of Rain Chains

Rain chains have been around for centuries originating in Japan. For over hundreds of years, they have been used to collect water, and move it downward to deposit into barrels that were then used for household water consumption. In Japan, the temple’s often used them for decoration, and their design was incorporated into the functionality of Japanese living.

Aesthetic Appeal

The biggest advantage of rain chains is the unique beauty they provide. They work just as effectively as traditional gutter downspouts, but have a more whimsical and natural appeal. They come in a vast array of styles depending on the design of your home. Another reason that people choose rain chains over traditional gutter downspouts is the noise that they sing. When rain passes through a rain chain, it sounds similar to a wind chime. And they make a wonderful addition to a front porch or back deck because they not only add flair and character, they are wonderful to listen to on a summer’s night as the rain trickles down.

Highly Eco-Friendly

Copper rain chains are not only beautiful, they are highly eco-friendly. They are not only recyclable after they have run their course, most of them are made from nearly 70 to 100% recycled material. Also, copper rain chains won’t react with rain water, which can lead to corrosion with other downspout materials. And unlike other materials that look aged and weathered overtime, copper only gets pretty as it gets older. When copper ages, it turns a pretty patina that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your gutters and home, it also works as a natural algaecide and fungicide to stop moss and other types of growth.

Reusable Water

Although rain chains won’t work to move water away from the foundation of your home, you can use them as they did in ancient times. If you collect the water after it makes its way to the bottom, you can use it to water your plants and landscaping. Natural rain water provides more nutrients to help your lawn grow more beautiful and lush. So not only is the material recyclable, but the water that rain chains collect is too.

Rain chains are an excellent alternative to traditional downspouts on gutters. If you use a material like copper, it will give a beautiful and elegant upgrade to your home’s exterior. They are also made from natural material that is 100% recyclable, and they are made from nearly 70-100 recycled material, which makes them a highly eco-friendly choice. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional gutters that will give you a little more uniqueness, then rain chains are the answer. Contact Gutter Boyz today to discuss if rain chains are right for you.

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