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Although you might not put too much importance into how well your gutters are performing, you should. Gutters are not an afterthought; they are responsible for moving water away from the foundation of your home and saving its structural integrity. Seamless gutters offer an abundance of advantages over those with seams, but only if they are installed correctly. Instead of just Googling “seamless gutters near me,” and hiring the first company that pops up, you should take some time to investigate and look for these characteristics.

What is a Rain Chain Gutter System?

When it comes to gutters, a company’s reputation is everything. When looking for seamless gutter contractors, it is important to check online reviews and ratings to ensure that they have a good reputation in the community. Not only are people happy to give a positive review for a job well-done, they are also happy to tell you when a job wasn’t. And that can help you to choose the right contractor and also to eliminate the one that might not be.

The Cost

Most of us have to at least consider the cost of work we have done on our homes. But you shouldn’t choose on the price alone. Typically, you get what you pay for, which is never good in the long run. But choosing the highest priced estimate also will not guarantee that you will get the best service possible. Factor in the cost of the estimate that you get, but don’t choose solely by the cost or you could be misled.

Quality of Materials

Sometimes the cost of seamless gutters will be much less, but that might be due to the materials and manufacturer of the gutters themselves. Seamless gutters are custom fit, which means that they are cut according to your specific house, not pieced together. But some seamless gutter materials are going to be higher quality than others. It really doesn’t make any sense to pay the additional cost for seamless gutters to get low quality materials that will likely not withstand the heavy rains that we see in Carolina. So when comparing estimates, make sure you do some research to find out the quality of the materials that are being quoted.


Sometimes the hardest part about getting work done on your house is even getting someone to come provide an estimate. If you can’t seem to get a company to even take a look to quote you a price, imagine how responsive they are going to be when they have your business and money in hand and something goes wrong. You deserve to be treated as a priority and if you aren’t right out the gate, it is best to move onto the next contractor.

Your gutters do a whole lot of work behind the scenes to keep your foundation strong and water flowing away from your home. Seamless gutters might be a little more expensive, but the low-maintenance they provide is well worth the additional cost if you hire the right installers. Don’t simply Google “seamless gutters near me,” and choose the first one that pops up. Do some investigating to make sure that you are getting the best. At Gutter Boyz we have a good reputation in the community for high quality work and craftsmanship. And we stand by our work to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your project underway.

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