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As anyone who lives in the South Carolina region knows, with spring comes one thing… pollen! What makes it worse is that when it rains, allergen particles are more highly concentrated in the air, making allergy sufferers even more miserable. With spring showers on the way, you might be looking for ways to reduce allergy symptoms. Your gutters are the key to keeping water flowing away from your home, but unfortunately, they are also great at accumulating flying allergens and debris. If your home is equipped with seamless gutters with gutter guards, they are more prone to dirt and debris build-up. So how do you know if your gutters are caked and not working properly? These are signs that your gutters might be clogged, in which case it is important to clean them to reduce the risk of needing a new gutter installation down the line.

They are Overflowing

When gutters don’t flow properly, heavy rainfall will result in the water flowing over the sides. Underneath where they are clogged, you will likely see divots in the soil where water is draining. If you notice the signs of pooling water below your gutter system, then it is important to either clean them out yourself or hire a gutter company.

The Seams are Beginning to Crack

The advantage of having seamless gutters is that there aren’t any joints that can start to sag and crack. If it has been a while since you had your gutters cleaned, then you might start to see sagging in the joints or even leaking around them if they aren’t seamless. It is important to call a gutter company to shore up the damage, or it could lead to the need for an entirely new gutter installation.

The Gutters are Pulling Away from the House

Dirt and debris building up in the gutters will start to weigh them down. And since they aren’t made to withstand a whole lot of weight, the gutters will likely start to tear away from the house under the weight. It is important to clean out the gutters, and then to have them refashioned to your house. If you ignore the problem, it will probably lead to the gutters collapsing and then you will have to have them repaired – or worse, replaced.

Gutter Guards Failing

When pollen begins to fall, it can cause a sticky mess in your gutters. Gutter guards work by trapping particles so that they can’t get into your gutter system. But with pollen, some guards not only can’t keep up with the demand to reduce debris; the pollen can cause a whole lot of extra mess. So if you have gutter guards, it is even more important to pay close attention to how they are faring during the pollen and spring season.

Spring has arrived in South Carolina. You know how you can tell? By the greenish-yellowish slime that covers just about everything outdoors. Now is a perfect time to hire a gutter cleaning company to clean things out. And if you have noticed signs that there is a problem with your gutters, it is imperative to call before you need a new gutter installation. At GutterBoyz, we not only clean gutters, we are the professionals to call for repairs and new installation too. This means if we notice signs of damage, we can address it immediately. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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