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As we head deeper into summer, storms are in high gear. They get here and then quickly disappear! If your gutters aren’t cutting it and you are considering hiring a company to install seamless gutters in Charleston, SC, think about upgrading to copper. Copper gutters offer several advantages that you simply can’t get from aluminum ones! These are just four reasons to put out the additional investment.

Copper Gutters are Seamless

Copper gutters, unlike traditional aluminum ones, can’t be sectioned off. Due to the nature of copper material, they have to be custom-built. That means that they don’t have joints like gutters with seams that can rust, crack, and lead to needing repairs. Copper gutters all come in one piece, so they are more durable to handle the large amount of water that can fall during a Southern storm!


Aluminum gutters can rust, especially in Charleston’s humid weather. Traditional aluminum gutter manufacturers use a paint coating that helps to cut down on the risk of rusting, but it is nearly impossible to stop all rust on aluminum gutters. Copper, on the other hand, does not rust. Over time, the copper color turns into a patina that looks stately and luxurious, not rusted out or old. They are also unlikely to need repairs due to being rusted!

Naturally Beautiful

One of the worst parts of living in the Charleston area is the toll that the hot and humid weather can take on exterior materials, especially gutters. Aluminum gutters with seams will start not only rust at the joints, but also where nails and fasteners attach; they can start to look aged fairly quickly. Copper gutters don’t have the same problems. They look more amazing with every year rather than less due to the climate of South Carolina.

Better Longevity

When you compare aluminum gutters with copper gutters, the longevity difference is immense. If you invest in copper and have minimal maintenance done, they can last upwards of 50 years or more and they look better as they age. Although copper is a bigger investment upfront, the money you save over its lifespan is much less in replacement and repair costs.

If you are looking to replace your gutters, seamless upgrades are a no-brainer. And if you are going to upgrade to seamless gutters, why not consider one more upgrade and choose copper? The additional money that you spend will well be worth it in longevity, maintenance, and repair costs. And they just look beautiful year after year instead of rusted with age.

At Gutter Boyz, we are experts at all things gutter. We specialize in gutter products that make your home look amazing and work properly to perform the most critical function possible, moving water away from the foundation of your home where it can pool and lead to structural damage to your foundation. Make your appointment today.

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