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Summers in the Charleston area can be brutal, and although it is humid, the scorching heat can often lead to drought conditions. A drought is when we go for extended periods without enough precipitation, and the consequences can lead to needing home maintenance and preparedness plans to combat them. Although your gutters are probably the last thing you are thinking about during a drought, it isn’t wise to ignore them. In fact, a drought might be the best time to evaluate them and take steps to ensure they are ready for the showers that will likely follow the dry periods. We supplied these tips to RedFin for homeowners around the nation!

Take Stock of Their Condition

During times of drought, there’s probably no pooling water and standing water left in your gutters. That will make it easier for you to observe their current condition. Dry periods are a great time to inspect your gutters for signs of cracking, holes, and leaks. When the water clears completely, you can get a better look and ensure that your gutters are in good shape to handle the rain that is sure to come along eventually.

It’s Also a Great Time for Gutter Cleaning!

Although your gutters haven’t seen rain for a bit, that does not mean that they can’t have built-up dirt and debris. If you didn’t have a chance to clean your gutters before the heat came through, drought periods are an excellent time to do so! If you allow the dirt, debris, and algae to sit unaddressed, it’s likely to attract more dirt and grime; with the dry conditions, that can lead to caking that is nearly impossible to clean.

Also, as the dirt and debris build up, they can become a breeding ground for pests. Take advantage of the dry conditions to wash and scrape out the insides of your gutters so that they’re prepared to do what they are supposed to when the rain does fall again!

Although the last thing you are likely thinking of during a drought is the status of your gutters or preparing them for future rain, it is an excellent time to put them on your to-consider list. Take advantage of the low rainfall conditions to ensure that your gutters are functioning properly and are clean so they can handle the next bout of showers that’s likely to follow. At Gutter Boyz, we like to be prepared for everything and think you should be, too! Contact us today for an evaluation of your gutter system.

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