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Although the weather is still hot and steamy, fall and winter are right around the corner. And, typically, with fall comes stormy weather and sometimes icy conditions. Gutters are your first line of defense against flooding and soil erosion that can lead to foundation issues, which is why having working gutters is critical before heading into the fall season. Whether you don’t currently have them, or yours are not in great condition, now is the time to hire a Charleston rain gutter company to be prepared.

What do Rain Gutters Do?

Rain gutters are essential for your home because they work by moving water away from the foundation so that it can’t pool. When you allow water to drain directly around your house, it can lead to structural issues due to soil erosion, flooding, and moisture problems. Gutters help to trap precipitation and funnel is around, down, and away from your home via downspouts that are angled and flowing in the opposite direction. If they aren’t working properly, they can’t control water or stop it from causing damage.

What Types of Rain Gutters are There?

Rain gutters are typically made from zinc, steel, copper, or aluminum. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Rain Gutters
Aluminum gain gutters can be both seamed and seamless. They come in standard thickness of .025”, .027”, and .032”. The thinner the material, the less expensive they are, but also the less sturdy they are. The advantages of aluminum gutters are that they won’t rust, they are lightweight and easy to install, and they come in numerous colors, or can be custom painted to match your existing siding. They are also weatherproof and can last as many as 25 years. But, unfortunately, they can dent and bend easily.

Vinyl Rain Gutters
Of all of the materials used for gutters, vinyl is the least expensive and easiest to install. It comes in fewer colors, but it can be custom painted. It is also the least durable material, which is why they typically last about 20 years or less. They are also prone to fading. So, over the long-term, they might need more maintenance than other materials.

Zinc Rain Gutters
Although a little more expensive, zinc gutters can last as many as 50 years. They do begin to gray and dull, developing a patina over time. They are harder to install because the ends and joists need to be welded. Typically, zinc rain gutters are used on high-end or historical homes because they tend to be a hefty investment.

Steel Rain Gutters
Most steel gutters come galvanized, which helps to increase their resistance to rust, but oxidation usually occurs within ten to fifteen years. Leaves tend to hasten the onset of rust, so steel gutters require a little more maintenance. Stainless steel gutters are more expensive than galvanized, but they won’t rust. So, it might be worth the extra investment up front. Steel rain gutters are very strong, they hold up to all types of weather conditions, and they can be custom painted.

Copper Rain Gutters
Copper rain gutters are usually a choice for a home that has an “old-world” style because they develop a beautiful patina. They are usually the priciest of rain gutter material and require professional installation. They hold up well in any type of weather without rusting or the need for painting. And they also won’t warp or rust over time.

So, Which is Right for You?
The type of gutters that you choose is dependent on factors such as budget, regional weather conditions, the style of your home, and how much maintenance you want put up with. The best way to choose the right type is by having a rain gutter company in Charleston, SC walk you through the choices to find the one that suits your needs.

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