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Although not as commonly used to move water away from your home and control for pooling around the foundation, rain chains are an excellent alternative to traditional gutters. Rain chain gutters add a little bit of whimsical not just to the exterior design and look of your home, but also with beautiful sounds that they make when the rain hits them. Like a symphony, rain chains do the job of gutters, but with so much more pizzazz. But they do perform a function as well, and just like gutters, they need a chain gutter downspout. The good news is that the downspout doesn’t have to ruin the eye-candy if placed correctly.

What is a Rain Chain Gutter System?

A rain chain is a functional gutter system that helps to move water away from the foundation of your home to protect your home from flooding and foundation issues. The rain chain works by guiding water down from the roof to the ground, and in the midst, they look mystical and make a lovely water sound. As the droplets hit, they make various pitches that are very calming and relaxing. Rain chains were used well before gutters, hundreds of years ago in Japan, to collect and transport water.

What is a Chain Gutter Downspout?

The rain chain is designed to collect and move water around and away from the house or to collect water. But once the water is guided from the roof down to the ground, a downspout is the way that the water is diverted away from the foundation of the house. It does so, in the same manner, as traditional gutter systems. The key to your chain gutter downspout is to position it to move water, while also not allowing it to ruin the aesthetic appeal of the overall rain chain system.

To Maximize Your Rain Chains Efficiency

One of the reasons that a rain chain might be preferred for some homeowners in South Carolina is because we experience a whole lot of rainfall. And sometimes, rain chains can’t keep up with the high demands placed upon them alone. A rain chain gutter downspout is the best way to keep water under control, while still maintaining the beauty of your original rain chain.

Do you Have to Have a Chain Gutter Downspout?

Although you can make your downspout inconspicuous by adding a rain chain adaptor that fits into the design, it is possible to flow your rain chain directly into a draining pipe or basin. If you allow the water to drain into a basin, you can use the water collected for watering your plants and landscaping. But you do have to stay on top of the basin flow, or you can experience water issues that will work against what rain chains are designed for.

At Gutter Boyz, we believe in making your gutter or rain chain system work expertly, while still providing the aesthetic appeal you desire. We can help to design a chain gutter downspout that will be inconspicuous and fit into the overall curbside appeal you are trying to create. Our staff has a keen eye and the customization to follow your vision from start to finish. Contact us today to discuss how we can get water flowing in the right direction with the beauty you envision.

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