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As we roll into the new year, many homeowners will resolve to make home improvement a priority this year, while others will also put cutting costs on their to-do list. No one wants to spend money they don’t have to, but sometimes in an effort to save pennies, we can end up spending dollars. New gutters will help prevent soil erosion and foundation issues, but how do you know if your old gutters will cut it another year, or if now is the time to tear off the bandaid and upgrade to new ones? These are four advantages of being preemptive by replacing them.

Seamless is the Way to Go

When it comes to gutters, seamless systems are the way to go. When you have traditional seamed gutters, they are more apt to leak and crack in the joists. Also, due to South Carolina’s regional conditions, rust is a common problem – both for the gutters themselves and the hardware used to hold them in place. If you are going to repair your gutters, you might want to consider the price of replacing them altogether with a seamless version that will better protect your property.

Custom Fitted

Seamless gutters are also custom fitted, which means that they are designed to handle the water issues of your home or office specifically. Seamless gutters differ from traditional ones because they are made to fit your home or office off-site and have no breaks or seams. If you compare the cost of repairing against flat-out replacing them, it is probably a clear choice to just spring for new ones!

Cleaning Plus Repair Probably Costs More

As hard as it is for most of us to accept, often paying to have things repaired costs more than just replacing them with new. When you have to fix what you already have, that can mean looking around for repair parts and some pretty significant labor costs. If you add up the cost of replacing versus putting an expensive temporary fix, you will probably see right away that the clear choice is beginning new.

Copper Brings All the Magic

If you are going to replace your gutters, then it might behoove you to consider not just seamless gutters, but copper ones! Copper can withstand the harshness of South Carolina’s climate and look better with every coming year. Copper has a natural patina that continues to look better with time. The additional upgrade is also well worth it when you consider that copper rain gutters can last upwards of 50+ years. That means you can upgrade and probably never worry about it again for as long as you own your home. As we head into 2023, many homeowners will put maintenance on their to-do lists. If your gutters are aging and in need of some TLC, you might be wondering whether it is smarter to repair them or replace them. If you have traditional seamed gutters, the choice is a no-brainer. Whatever you decide, just make sure that you have a trusted professional like Gutter Boyz to help. Don’t just Google gutter contractors near me” – contact us today to get started!

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