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Sometimes we throw around terminology as if we all assume we are talking about the same thing. Often, our customers ask us whether rain gutters and regular or traditional gutters are the same things. Although they sound like they should be two separate things, they are actually the same. Now that we have made that distinction, it is time to discuss what rain gutters and regular gutters are, what they do, and why you need them!

They Stop Soil Erosion

Gutters are your first line of defense against foundation damage. In South Carolina, the soil is very sandy, which means that the soil can become saturated with moisture and lead to erosion pretty easily. Gutters work by collecting the water around the perimeters of your home or office and guiding it around, down, and away from your home. That means that it can’t sit and pool, potentially leading to foundation issues. Although they seem pretty mundane, they are your home’s greatest protector!

Protect Your Landscaping

The best way to limit soil erosion outside of gutters is by using shrubbery and landscaping to stop soil erosion at the base of your foundation. If you don’t have working gutters, however, the water will drip off your roof and land directly below the roofline, often dumping water onto your landscaping and causing water to rot. When you have gutters encasing the perimeter of your roof, the water gets moved around and down, saving the money you invested to protect your foundation and increase your curb appeal.

Downspouts are Important Too

Gutters are essential to moving water away from your home, but they can’t work on their own. At the bottom of your gutter system, there needs to be a downspout. That downspout takes the water and guides it away from the house. Without downspouts, the water would be directly deposited to the end of the gutter system, which would ruin the whole purpose of what they are meant to do!

Are They Worth the Investment?

In the rain gutter Charleston industry, we often get asked if there is a difference between regular or traditional gutters and rain gutters. Our answer is no, they are one and the same. In saying that, we add that gutters are one of those systems that are often overlooked when it is actually your first line of defense. At Gutter Boyz, we understand the importance of gutters and provide the highest-quality systems and longest-lasting products in the industry. Contact us today to get started replacing or repairing your rain gutters in Charleston!

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