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In South Carolina, summer comes with summer showers. And when the rain starts to come down, it can really come down hard. The best way to protect your home’s foundation is to have an effective gutter system to move water away from your home. If you are looking to install new gutters, then a rain gutters (Charleston, SC) company is the best starting point to ensure that you are getting the right type of system to protect your home.

What Are Rain Gutters?

Rain gutters are used to move water away from your home and direct the water away from your foundation. They come in both seamed and seamless versions, depending on your preference and your budget. The best way to keep them in good working order is to clean them of debris and dirt to ensure that they flow freely and direct water where you want it. If you allow materials to build up in your rain gutters, the gutters won’t work as well.

Does Every Home Need Gutters?

There are some exceptions when it comes to gutters. When choosing whether they are right for your home or dwelling, consider the following:

Does your roof have an overhang?

If you have an overhang on your roof, then the water will accumulate around the foundation, cause damage to flower beds, and will fall on you as you walk outside your home. If you have an overhang, then rain gutters are mandatory.

Does your home have an overhang of more than 12 inches and a sharply peaked roof?

Rain falls naturally away from the house due to gravity, rather than falling straight down. If you have these two conditions, you may or may not have to install a gutter system.

Is the landscaping surrounding your home higher than your house?

If so, water will most likely not pool around the foundation of your home, so gutters may be optional. But if the ground is higher than your house, gutters are a must to deposit runoff a safe distance away from your home.

What if your home is surrounded by asphalt or concrete?

If you have concrete or asphalt around your home, then you might not need a gutter system. But if there is any space between the concrete and your home, then the runoff will affect your foundation.

What region do you live in?

South Carolina tends to be very humid and experiences a healthy rainfall. Almost all homes in the Charleston area need or could benefit from rain gutters.

Do You Need a New Gutter Install or Repair?

If you don’t have gutters, they aren’t working properly, or they haven’t been cleaned in a while, then it is time to get them in working order. With the summer showers upon us, keep your home safe from soil erosion and foundation issues by calling the experts at Gutter Boyz todayM. We are leaders in the industry for all things gutters and would love to give you an estimate for whatever gutter services you require.

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